Veganuary Launch Global Transport Takeover To Create More Vegans

Every once in a while in life you meet visionary people. In late 2013, I met two such people in Matthew Glover and Jane Land the Founders of Veganuary. I instantly saw their vision and was privileged enough to run the social media for the very first Veganuary back in January 2014, along with my friend James.

Back then I wrote an article for the Guardian in January 2014 which made the website front page. Looking back it is amazing to see how much Veganuary have achieved since then. Veganuary have been the UK's outstanding organisation in taking the idea of vegan living to the mainstream. They have shown how a vegan life can be fun and inclusive and Veganuary is often the first way someone is introduced to the idea of a vegan life.

Today Veganuary are expanding their mission to take veganism to the mainstream with the launch crowdfunder looking to create a global transport network takeover.

Vegan crowdfunder campaign to place ads on the London Underground launches

One year ago, Veganuary crowdfunded almost £30,000 to place 2,500 adverts inside tube carriages on the London Underground. Now, they’re doing it again but this time they’re going global! The adverts will be placed on the Boston Subway (USA), the Sydney Light Railway (Australia), the Manchester Metrolink (UK) as well as on the London Underground.

The charity, which has inspired more than 125,000 people to try vegan for a month since it launched in 2014, is keeping the new designs under its non-woolly hat for now, but if last year’s ads are anything to go by, the campaign will be bright and striking and impossible to ignore.


Veganuary co-founder, Jane Land: spoke about the launch of the new campaign saying, "Veganuary’s supporters helped to fund the biggest vegan campaign ever promoted on the London Underground. And with more than 10,000 Londoners registering to go vegan for the month, we know it was a huge success. Now, we want to do it all again, but bigger and bolder than before. We want to take our message to three continents, and help create vegans the world over. And we are asking compassionate people to donate whatever they can afford to help us do that.’

The international advertising campaign comes with a hefty price tag of £82,000 and Veganuary is inviting supporters to give what they can and to take full advantage of the perks on offer, including signed photos of Harry Potter actor Evanna Lynch, and delicious food hampers by Veganuary sponsors including Pulsin, and Vevolution headline sponsors Tideford Organics. 

Veganuary launching their 2016/17 campaign last year

Veganuary launching their 2016/17 campaign last year

The crowdfunder campaign runs until 16 November.

The adverts will be in place inside tube and tram carriages from 18th December until early January.

You can meet the Veganuary crew in person at Vevolution Festival on the 25th November.