The Plant-Based Community Kitchen Changing The Way People Eat

When I am not running Vevolution with my co-founder Judy, I am can be found sitting on the board of trustees for the plant-based community kitchen Made In Hackney.

Yesterday Made In Hackney launched a crowdfunder aiming to raise £85,000 to secure the future of the charity. I've seen first hand how this charity brings people together from all walks of life to enjoy delicious healthy plant-based food.

Made In Hackney Community: Photograph by: Christian Sinibaldi

Made In Hackney Community: Photograph by: Christian Sinibaldi

When you are talking to stroke survivors or hearing parents talk about how attending Made In Hackney classes have changed their lives it is really heart-warming. 

This is why the work that Made In Hackney do must continue. It is a space where people can come to just learn healthy plant-based living.

Supporting the crowdfunder will help the charity continue to enable 10,000 people to lead healthier, happier lives over the next 5 years. 

The superstar team at Made In Hackney have been supported by the food and business community across London with great rewards on offer for donations.  Incentives to donate include meals for two in London restaurants, foraging walks, cookery classes, supper club tickets and divine well-being retreats.

At this year's Vevolution Festival we will yet again be raising money for this innovative charity which is the heart beat of London's plant-based food community.