Interview With Jez Kaur aka Hipster Veggie

We recently caught up with our friend Jez Kaur also known as Hipster Veggie to discuss the release of her new e-book on an ayurvedic practice called face mapping.

1. DC: Can tell people a bit about who you're and what you do?

JK: Heyyyyy! My name is Jez and I am a nutritional therapist :) I do online Skype consultations for people who need monthly dietary/health support and one-off consultations for those who need a little boost of encouragement every now and again.

I also make videos over at The aim of Hipster Veggie is to change our perception on health and our relationship with food. I make tasty recipes to show healthy food is FAR from boring!

2. DC: You spoke on the main-stage at Vevolution back in November? How did you find the event and what were your best memories from the day

JK: Main stage at Vevolution was CRAZY! Biggest audience I have ever spoken to. It was honestly such a lovely experience. You both made me feel so confident and comfortable and I learned a LOT.

The best memory of the day has to be meeting so many second/third generation migrants who related to the message of "health is wealth". And also meeting people who weren't vegan! I'm grateful so many people from different backgrounds felt comfortable in that space.

3. DC: You have a new e-book out on Face Mapping. What is Face Mapping and why is it important?

JK: Face Mapping is an ancient practice rooted in Chinese medicine and Ayurveda. It connects different points on the face to an organ or body part so you know what to internally treat for external results aka flaky skin.

4. DC: What do you hope people will gain from reading the book?

Health is wealth! Always! Our skin shows what is going on inside our body. If we have acne, eczema or other skin conditions, they can ALWAYS be cured via diet and lifestyle.

This book is a little introduction to that mentality. Healing from the inside-out. 

5. DC: Where can readers find out more about what you're doing?

JK: Come join the YouTube family

Hit up my website for more information on nutritional therapy consultations

And the usual instagram/twitter (@HipsterVeggie) and SnapChat (Hipster_Veggie) to keep up with my sporadic day-to-day life.

You can order Jez e-book on face mapping here.