The Tide Has Turned

Lynette Sinclair, Founder of Tideford Organics

Lynette Sinclair, Founder of Tideford Organics

Vevolution is a festival dedicated to helping people discover new ideas and be inspired in their pursuit of practice of vegan living.

Recently we were able to bring Tideford Organics on board as headline sponsors of this year's festival. 

Tideford Organics are a company with a long history in the organic food movement who recently made the shift to become a completely vegan company.

Damien sat down Tideford Organics founder Lynette Sinclair to discuss the future of food and veganism.

Hi Lynette,

Let's start at the beginning. What inspired you to set up Tideford Organics as a vegan company?

I watched Cowspiracy and until then had not realised the magnitude of the impact of large scale meat and dairy production on our environment.

You're based in Totnes, noted for being a bit of a hub of alternative thinking around the way we can live on this planet. How much did being a company based in Totnes shape Tideford in the early years?

Totnes is one of the first Transition towns in the UK and has at its roots all that is healthy and organic, with companies such as Riverford leading the way.  Tideford definitely grew out of this environment and has championed healthy, environmentally conscious food, from its beginning.

Moving on to veganism. What inspired you to turn Tideford Organics an already successful company into a fully vegan business?

We realised that as a small fast growing company with a very loyal customer base we could actually make a difference.  It only takes a small regular change in your eating habits to make a significant difference to our environment and we felt that if we could help our customers on the journey to being Vegan by making delicious organic products that were also vegan, it would be something that we could all be proud of.

What has the reaction been like from existing customers to your new range of all vegan products? 

Really positive, it was quite a scary move as some of our best sellers used to have meat and dairy in them, but we have had nothing but good feedback and we are also attracting a whole new customer base who have been looking for the type of product we are now producing.

What has been most exciting about turning the company into a fully vegan business? 

Building a brand which genuinely now ticks all the free from boxes, including gluten free and feeling that we are genuinely  now helping to make a difference to our environment, whilst providing a healthy nutritious option for all our customers.

On a personal level which talk are you most excited about seeing at Vevolution? 

They all sound amazing, I think to be in an environment where all the speakers are championing such a great cause will be very exciting.