17 years vegan and still pushing boundaries. An interview Maryn Knevitt of Planet Kind

Planet Kind co-founder Maryn Knevitt, is a qualified personal trainer and one of the most knowledgable people we know when it comes to nutrition and diet. 

I (Damien) met Maryn 3 years ago at a vegan meetup and we even lived together for 6 months. He has been vegan for 17 years and he is definitely one of the biggest influences on my vegan journey.

Firstly, let's start with you. What inspired you to go vegan?

I had become increasingly conscious as a teenager of my personal impact on other humans and the planet, especially animals and how they are treated.  I love animals and could no longer justify eating them to survive.  Plus, I discovered that my idol Thom Yorke from Radiohead was vegan and that inspired me to follow in his footsteps and embrace creativity rather than destruction in my lifestyle.

You are one of the fittest people we know and you have experimented with most variations of a vegan diet. What is your current thinking of how to achieve optimum health through nutrition? High carb, ratios % etc?

Hemp Seeds!  Ha ha! Over the years I have, through instinct and preference, mainly eaten a high nutrient and high carbohydrate diet.  I was even fruitarian/raw vegan (Fruits, nuts, seeds, greens) for 3 years which gave me amazing health and clarity of mind.  Some high carb vegan diets provide amazing energy and satisfaction but lack micronutrients due to a lack of variety of foods being consumed. Fruit is an amazing source of food because it is simple carbohydrate and high in micronutrients like vitamins. minerals and enzymes.  My current thinking for optimum health is to ensure that first the micronutrient needs are met on a daily basis, and not to worry too much about macronutrient ratios.  This means eating raw high nutrient foods (mainly fruit, vegetables, greens) during the day and then partying at night by eating whatever you fancy, while still keeping it fairly healthy (Low salt/low fat).  It also increases variety by eating this way and is reduces restrictions.  I'm currently fasting intermittently, eating all my food within a 6 to 8 hour window each day and seeing amazing results.  Lots of energy, better sleep, clear thinking and increase in strength and focus when training.

So tell me what is Planet Kind all about?

Planet Kind is a company that we have set up to provide people choosing to live a vegan lifestyle with an option to buy products from a vegan company.  We are an ethical company.  We believe that the way we consume does not need to have such a large impact on animals and our earth, and each other!  We offer a range of vegan products such as food (including pet food and baby food), cosmetics, clothing and accessories.  We believe we can live harmoniously on this planet, and we are trying to provide an option to promote a vegan lifestyle in the mainstream market. We have plans to open a physical supermarket in London early next year and also a healthy vegan restaurant in the summer of 2017, and then continue to expand into the mainstream to provide vegans and non-vegans alike the opportunity to embrace and enjoy such a beautiful lifestyle.

What makes Planet-Kind different to other online retailers?

When you shop with us, you are buying from a vegan company that supports this lifestyle.  Many other large online retailers offer the same products as us, but their focus is purely on health or beauty and they do (ironically in our opinion) offer non-vegan food and fashion items.  Our ethos is one of compassion and kindness, and leads to happiness and health.

We're really excited to have Planet-Kind as a Vevolution sponsor. What will you guys be offering attendees on the day?

Thank you! We are excited about being involved in such an awesome festival with amazing people like yourselves.  We will offer attendees the opportunity to speak to us, the founders, about our company and journey, view and sign up to our website and in doing so receive a free snack or chocolate that would be available on the website too.  

Lastly Planet-Kind is a business run by mother and son, how have you found it working together?

To be honest, it's great!  We know each other so well so any issues are dealt with easily because we are family.  I love my mom and her support over the years for my lifestyle and quirkiness has always been amazing.