An interview with the team behind the Health Bloggers Community

Can you tell us a bit about what the Health Bloggers Community is and what motivated you to start it?

Fab: The HBC was born as a way to unite and support bloggers who wanted to focus on health and a holistic approach to the different areas of our everyday life: fitness, spirituality, food, environment - and general awesomeness, of course. It was a simple FB group, that then evolved into a private community to ensure that our bloggers are protected and supported, as well as able to develop their brand like the influencers they are meant to be.

If you're a content creator why should you consider joining a community like the Health Bloggers Network?

Fab: I may be biased, but the HBC has been created with bloggers in mind. We focus our efforts on providing bloggers with information, inspiration, and educational content as well as a good dose of controversial articles. The community is very active and vibrant, as well as moderated and easy to access on the go. Plus, we encourage our bloggers to monetise their blogs as well as working with trustworthy brands. Uh, and we have courses too.

Laura: As the editor for the HBC magazine [], I always encourage our bloggers to contribute original content to our mag. It's a great way of reaching a wider audience of like-minded people who may become not only your readers, but your friends. It also helps to get your work out there on a reputable platform in the health and wellness industry - you never know who might like what they read!

At Vevolution we love the content you are putting out, especially on Instagram. What are some clear and easy steps people can take to make sure that their Instagram content stands out from the crowd?

Laura: My best advice would be to always be true to yourself. Only post content that shows who you are as a person or brand. As soon as you start trying to be who you think you 'should' be, you lose your authenticity - and your followers. It's also important to create an identifiable style that is unique to you - whether that's the props, colours or editing style you use, be consistent.

The team from the Health Bloggers Community are going to be joining us at Vevolution. What exciting trends do you see emerging in the health industry at the moment?

Fab: I have seen a lot more 'rave' style workouts, as well as more blend of 'clean' and 'naughty' products - which I appreciate a lot, as it's all about balance and being true to ourselves.

There is a big stress on social workouts and food sharing in the UK, where PTs will be able to connect with bloggers in small groups thanks to social apps, or food bloggers can start catering their best food - think like Uber meets Deliveroo for fitness and takeouts.

Cassandra: I think there is a big shift in the trends right now towards overall balance and body positivity, which is being reflected across the industry and is really exciting because it shows the conversation in the health world in general is changing. People are becoming less focused on the militant style of training and eating that we've seen in the past, where everything has strict rules and a lot of shaming for going outside of those. Instead, people are now embracing their bio-individuality and personality, building healthy routines around what they need. We've finally realised that one size fits all never works, in any aspect.

Who are your favourite vegan brands over at Health Bloggers Community?

Fab: One of my personal favourites is Mighty Bee with their coconut jerky - mainly because I was a big jerky lover, and the Spicy BBQ ones are just brilliant. It's also worth looking into the Coconut Company vinegars and aminos, as they are soy free and absolutely delicious.

Cassandra: Oh my gosh, there is so many it's hard to choose. I'm really big on vegan chocolate right now like Pana and Conscious Chocolate. When I stopped eating dairy, giving up chocolate was one of the hardest, and although traditionally dark chocolate is usually vegan, sometimes you want a bit more option flavour wise or you just want a nice 'milky' creamy chocolate and this is where vegan specific chocolatiers come in.

Laura: I am nut butter OBSESSED. So I love seeing new brands popping up on the scene with their innovative and creative combinations that involve no nasties. I'm a big fan on Pip & Nut's coconut & almond butter, but JEM RAW's cinnamon and maca is to die for!

Lastly, on the 29th October you are holding a fantastic looking Health Bloggers Meetup. What can people expect at the meetup?

Fab: My favourite part of the meetups is the added value we want to provide our bloggers - which this time includes cupcakes, free shakes, a yoga class and a live Q&A. Of course there is much more than this, but the combination of activities is what makes the HBCxMeet unique!

Cassandra: I think first and foremost, people can expect some fun. Being the Brands Manager, I go to a lot of events and trade shows and I always find the best part is the face to face conversation: that's what the HBCxMeet is all about, opening a conversation. When I came up with the idea for this, it was because I saw a lot of bloggers and brands who were wanting that person-to-person connection, especially because so much of who we are as bloggers happens behind a computer screen or mobile.

This event is really all about relaxing and getting to know each other face to face, both bloggers and brands alike. I mean, our last event had one exhibitor planning a group girls holiday with some of the bloggers she met!

Limited tickets are still available to the HBC meetup: