Get Topical!

Vevolution Topics are a series of educational events showcasing the leading lights in the vegan and conscious living movement happening at The Trampery in Old Street.

After the success of Vevolution Festival 2016, we wanted to bring you a more intimate experience with opportunities to connect with like-minded people and learn about important issues.

Initially we will hold 4 events from February-May with each event focusing on a different area of the vegan movement:
Food Innovation in February
Health and Wellbeing in March
Activism and Campaigning in April
Ethical Fashion in May

Tickets cost just £10, so this is a great opportunity to get a taste of the Vevolution festival experience and will get you warmed up from Vevolution Festival 2017.


Ⓥ Ethical Fashion Ⓥ

Ethical Fashion: Changing The Face Of Fashion

Recent years have seen an awakening of consciousness in the fashion world. Increasingly designers are innovating with animal free materials to create beautiful ethical clothing. This event will bring together leading fashion entrepreneurs to share their stories. 

Speakers Include: 

Alicia Lai
Founder of vegan footwear brand Bourgeois Boheme

Laura Stageman 
Founder of vegan leather watch brand Votch

Lucas Windhager
Founder of online shop for vegan fashion Alive Boutique

Gabi Gershuny  
Founder of environmental art platform Crawl Arts

Tickets: £10 via

Date & Time: Tuesday 2nd May, 6.30pm - 10:00pm

Ⓥ Previous Events Ⓥ

Innovating Approaches To Vegan Food

How do we transition the world to a vegan diet? Veganism is at the forefront of food innovation in this series of talks we will hear from people working to develop vegan food products and change the way people think about creating food. The talks with be followed by a group panel discussion.

Speakers Included: 

Ian Theasby & Henry David Firth 
Founders of Facebook vegan video food channel BOSH!

Sarah Bentley
Founder of plant based community kitchen Made In Hackney

Jonathan Petrides
Founder of plant-based home delivery vegan meals allplants

Health & Wellbeing: Building A Fit Body And Mind

Humans have long desired mastery of the body and mind. We are constantly bombarded with different messages about diets, products and training techniques to help us achieve our health and fitness goals. This event discussed how we can develop a holistic approach to health and wellbeing that meets our unique individual needs and goals. 

Speakers Included:

Felix Price
Co-Founder of yoga & spiritual collective Urban Avatars

Rebecca Walker
Founder of oat based breakfast pots Bexfast

Activism & Campaigning: Emerging Issues And Tactics For Effective Campaigning

Veganism is one of the world’s fastest growing social justice issues. We are a passionate movement but how do we best harness our energy to make a real difference?

This series of talks will highlight how activism can take many shapes and forms. We will explore emerging trends and highlight different ways you can spread the vegan message. 

Speakers Included: 

Ali Tabrizi 
Film-Maker and Director of Seaspiracy

Francesca A. Page 
Environmental Artist

Immy Lucas 
Sustainably Vegan

Jimmy Pierson 
Director of ProVeg International

Ⓥ Venue Information Ⓥ

Vevolution Topics is at The Trampery in Old Street

239 Old St, London EC1V 9EY


Ⓥ Sponsor Information Ⓥ

We are delighted to be supported by these fantastic organisations who we believe are making the world a better place:

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