We're incredibly excited to welcome the following speakers & guests to our festival line-up!

To see the talk and panel information click below:

Heather Mills
Founder of V-Bites, Philanthropist and Athlete 

David + Steve Flynn
The Happy Pear

John Lewis
Bad Ass Vegan

Sarah-Jane Crawford
TV & Radio Presenter and Founder of Viappi

Dominick Thompson
Athlete & Entrepreneur

Tiffany Watson
TV Personality 

Derek Sarno
Co-Founder Wicked Healthy and Director of Plant Based Innovation at Tesco 

Shashi Ioannides
Co-Founder of Living Naturally 


Isabelle von Kohler
Princess Of The Unicorns

Chase Armitage
Athlete and Actor

Meriel Armitage
Founder of Club Mexicana

Adam Stansbury
The Plant Powered PT

Grace Regan
Founder of SpiceBox

Alex Petrides 
Co-Founder of allplants

Henry David Firth
Co-Founder of BOSH!

Sarah Bentley
Founder of Made In Hackney

Deepa Devlukia

Vicky Bond
Managing Director of The Humane League UK

Maria Chiorando
Head of Written Content at Plant Based News

Dr Marco Springmann
Oxford Martin Fellow on the Future of Food at the University of Oxford

Loui Blake

Laura Pierson
Vegan Mama 


Tobias Leenaert
The Vegan Strategist

Rosie Wardle
Executive Team, Jeremy Coller Foundation

Toni Shephard
Executive Director of Animal Equality UK

Ian Theasby
Co-Founder of BOSH!  

Laura Way
Founder Of Votch  

Matthew Glover
Co-Founder of Veganuary

 Day Radley
Vegan Chef Day

Hilary Jones
Ethical Director at LUSH 

JP Petrides
Co-Founder of allplants 

 Vanessa Miquilena
Co-Founder of Vida Bakery

 Adam Reeve
 ‎Investors Manager at ‎Seedrs

 Emma Kemp
 ‎Project coordinator at 10:10

Your Hosts

Vevolution Stage
Damien Clarkson and Judy Nadel
Damien will be hosting the main stage and Judy will be running around ensuring all runs smoothly.

ProVeg Stage
Jimmy Pierson
Jimmy will be hosting the ProVeg stage bringing his insight and wit to the proceedings. 

Vevolution Stage
Venetia Falconer
Venetia is a presenter from London. You may have seen her on the TV with 4Music, or online with Tastemade.

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