We are delighted to be supported by these fantastic organisations who we believe are making the world a better place.

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Headliner Sponsors


Tideford Organics are the UK's first organic vegan soups and sauces company. They have been cooking from their kitchens in South Devon, producing award winning organic foods since 1996. They love what they do and have always stayed true to their roots, using only organic ingredients, cooking like you would at home and stirring and tasting every recipe that leaves their kitchens.

The idea behind Oatly products was to find a way to make a nutritious alternative to milk without going through the body of a cow.  A couple of decades ago, the Oatly team looked at the nutritional power of oats and thought: what if we forgot the cow altogether and turned these oats into a drink that was designed for humans? So they did. Everything they make is based on plants and has absolutely nothing to do with the animal kingdom whatsoever. And no GMOs. 

Oatly's oats contain no artificial badness – they come from the Swedish countryside, where the water is pure and the sunshine is plentiful. The liquid oats in Oatly contain betaglucans that are beautiful for your heart and honourable for your body, which if you think about it, is pretty incredible.

Gold Sponsors


One Planet Pizza is the UK’s first frozen vegan pizza company owned by the community serving a range of frozen vegan pizzas that are good for you, good for the planet and good for the Animals we share this world with. And of course Great Tasting! Their work with Eaternity has shown that their pizzas cause 60% less carbon emissions that the non-vegan equivalent! Grab a slice of life! 


Bronze Sponsors


Bute Island Foods has been passionate about Dairy-Free cheese production for almost 30 years. Starting in 1988 they now look to the future, and to providing an ever expanding range of exciting products (especially across the pond to their American customers) that will encourage and inspire people to make the transition to an animal-free diet easier than ever before. They produce an exciting range of 13 individual flavours of Sheese in block-form that are ideal for slicing and grating. Each attendee will get a sample of their amazing products in the goodie bag! 




Lemonaid make softdrinks as they should be. From best organic ingredients and Fairtrade. So far, so tasty.

But they don‘t just want to sell drinks to quench your thirst. They started the Lemonaid & ChariTea project to incite and shape the process of social change. With each bottle of Lemonaid they want to make a small contribution. They want to change the world drink by drink. A little, at least. 

Beyond Fairtrade, every bottle purchased supports the non-profit Lemonaid & ChariTea Foundation. So far more than 1.200.000 Euros have been raised; money which the organisation can now put to good use for a variety of social projects.

Media Partner

Plant Based News brings you the latest news about animal rights, ethical consumerism, plant-based food trends and more!

Plant Based News was founded by Klaus Mitchell in 2015, mainly as a youtube page. He saw that although there were many resources online - that contained invaluable information about either the health, environmental or ethical benefits of veganism, there was no single news resource that brought all of this information together. In early 2016, Klaus formed a partnership Robbie Lockie, a London-based campaigner and digital communications specialist to create the website, and develop the social media content.



The Growing Box

The Growing Box is an ethical creative studio helping you to tell the world about the ideas and products that matter. 

Recent work includes SWINE, a film commissioned by Viva! which confronts the reality of factory farms.

The V List

The V List is a new discovery list for creative events, businesses & collectives in the vegan community.

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